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Call Scoring & Collector Evaluation  
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Increasing number of clients are having agencies and law firms listen to collection calls to ensure the collectors are following certain processes.  Call Scoring module helps managers to handle this process within the call recording software.

Call Scoring module allows managers to create evaluation and scoring templates using which calls can be evaluated. A template consists of various questions that a supervisor can answer while listening to a call. Answers could be either yes / no or be on a point scale while each question can be given a certain weightage. Multiple templates can be created – say for example, one for Bank of America, one for CapitalOne and yet another one for St. Vincent’s Medical Center.
This module also allows Supervisors to search within the rated calls and also do comparison across multiple collectors and their performances. It also helps evaluate the progress of a new collector and the results of training programmes conducted. Overall, this becomes a great tool not only to improve the over quality and business performance, but also to comply with new processes and compliances clients are mandating.
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