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The SonicView product line provides a wide range of features and benefits that are specifically geared toward collection agencies and collection law firms. With a wide range of recording hardware options, SonicView provides a phone system agnostic solution, thereby, making your investment future proof.

SonicView’s basic features include:

The ability to record all calls or choose selective recording
A Web based interface that is easy-to-use to access recordings
Call Recording_Features&benfites-innerimages
An enhanced search function that includes date, time, duration, dialed number, caller id, extension, etc.
Recordings that are placed into a PDF as embedded links; can be scheduled to be emailed

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Security & Compliance
The accounts/receivables market is one that is keenly watched for security and compliance violations. SonicView helps agencies and law firms operate at high levels of security and helps monitor compliance violations by its collectors.

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Call Scoring & Collector Evaluation
An increasing number of clients are having agencies and law firms listen to collection calls to ensure the collectors are following certain processes. Our Call Scoring module allows managers to create various evaluation templates based on which collectors can be evaluated. This helps managers to automate this process within the call recording software and pull various reports based on the same.

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Dialer & Collection Software Integration
While choosing a recording platform, it is important to ensure that the recording system integrates well with your dialer and collection software platforms. These integrations help you be more productive and also help satisfy a lot of your client’s demands. .

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Call Reporting & Agent Productivity
As a ‘phone intensive’ business, it is important for agencies and law firms to track and draw various phone statistics for collection calls. Performing this activity has a direct correlation with the bottom-line of the company.

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