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  Solution Overview

With the increased costs associated with running a business, agent efficiency becomes more and more critical to a business’ path to success. A well-trained and enthusiastic team of debt collectors that is in compliance with federal regulations is the cornerstone of any reputable and professional debt collection agency. TriVium’s software helps keep your team of agents working at their maximum potential.

Through the use of reviewing recorded calls, managers have the ability to reward exemplary agents and help other agents reach their maximum potential. Calls can be annotated, flagged and e-mailed to agents for review via the internal network. In addition, managers can create agent scorecards and grade recorded phone calls based on customized criteria for use in coaching. These scorecards can include notes, 1-10 graded questions and/or simple yes/no questions to verify agents completed tasks correctly. Increased training and support helps motivate your employees and in turn, will help raise your employee retention. Call Recording-callrecording-improve-innerimg-innerimg

Recorded calls can be searched in a variety of ways, from the date they were recorded, the time, length, extension and any combination of these parameters. This allows your company to quickly and efficiently search and review any call that has been made.

In addition to call recording, TriVium provides detailed analysis of all calls on your phone system. This provides information as to which agents are making more calls, which ones are spending the most amount of time on the phone. It also addresses which agents could use improvement. This leads to a more efficient workplace, employee competition and an overall better bottom-line. 

TriVium’s software also interfaces with many commonly used dialers and collections software. This allows collection agencies to track calls based on account numbers. It also makes it easy to search and review any and all recorded calls to or from a specific debtor.

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