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As of 2010, 11% of all consumer debt ($1.3 trillion total) is considered delinquent. For today’s collection agencies, this staggering sum represents huge opportunities. But with massive consumer debt comes new government legislation, mandating debt collectors follow newly stipulated rules and regulations.
TriVium’s Call Recording portfolio allows you to:
  Protect your company from legal disputes
  Reassure your customers about your integrity by showcasing your call recording technology
  Improve agent performance within your company via collections coaching
  Boost your productivity, performance and bottom-line
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   Case Studies
Debt collection agencies highly benefit from the use of call recording technology. Harassment complaints, allegations of unfair practice and accusations of false statements are just some of the ways debtors use the lack of recorded calls to retaliate against businesses in an effort to get out of paying their debt.

Using TriVium System’s call recording technology is one of the easiest ways to attract, relax and reassure peace-of-mind for both new and current clients.

With the increased costs associated with running a business, agent efficiency becomes more and more crucial. A well-trained and enthusiastic team that is in compliance with government regulations is the cornerstone of any reputable and professional debt collection agency.

The state of the current economy has strengthened the collections industry as a whole, however, the sluggish economy creates weakened borrowers who struggle even more to pay off their debt.

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